Huntsville alabama offering same day eye exams in under one hour

Digital Same Day Eye Exam In Huntsville, AL

Looking for a same day eye exam in or near Huntsville, Alabama? We got you covered! At Huntsville Eyes, we offer a new kind of vision test: an in-store digital eye exam.

A digital eye exam is a quick, convenient vision check designed to assess the health of your eyes and prescribe glasses or contact lenses. What’s more, it takes less than 5 minutes and no dilation of the eyes is needed!

We have 3 locally owned and operated eye care locations in the Huntsville-Madison area for your convenience.

Learn more about our telehealth services and the quality eye care we provide.

Quick Overview on How Digital Eye Exams Work

-The digital eye exam is administered in-person at our eye care center in Huntsville.
-The vision test is performed by an in-store optical technician.
-A board-certified Ophthalmologist MD will review the exam & issue a prescription.
-The appointment is fast, lasting an average of 20 minutes.
-No dilation of the eyes.
-Great option if you need a same day eye exam – the quickest way to get your eyes checked and renew your vision prescription.
-When booking your vision appointment, you’ll answer a few, super simple questions to ensure that you’re eligible for a digital eye exam.


Your In-Store Digital Eye Exam: What To Expect During Your 1st Appointment

Here’s what to expect during your in-office appointment:

Step 1: Patient History– When you arrive at one of our nearest stores, you will be asked to provide your eye health and medical history. The intake will include medical history, ocular health, insurance coverage and other health-related questions.

Step 2: Pretesting – One of our friendly optical technicians will do a pre-screening involving a few tests to produce images of your eyes to ensure you receive the most accurate prescription.

Step 3: Digital Eye Exam – After the prescreening, you will be escorted to the examination room where an in-house technician will perform a refraction (this determines the refractive correction you need in the form of glasses or contact lenses) and visual acuity test (an interactive version of the old eye chart).

Step 4: Review By An Ophthalmologist (MD)– When the refraction is complete, a board-certified Ophthalmologist will evaluate the results of your test. Once approved, you’ll get a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. After your refraction, you are free to browse through our large selection of eyewear at our store!


Book An Appointment For A Digital Vision Checkup At Huntsville Eyes Today!

Schedule a digital eye exam in Huntsville, AL today. Our eye care team is here to answer your questions and recommend personalized vision solutions for patients of all ages!

If you have any questions about our telehealth services, please contact one of our 3 locations nearest you for more information. New patients are always welcome and walk-ins are accepted!